War of the Wings XIV (2019)  

Belt and No-Shield Tournaments



We are exceptionally pleased to announce that the Belt Tournaments will be hosted once again at War of the Wings and the No-Shield Tournaments will be making a reappearance.

A number of years ago Mistress Rozsa and Sir Christian Thomas of York, saw a vacancy in the combat at War of the Wings. They endeavored to fill those vacancies with a series of tournaments for the armored combatants. From the very beginning they had Branches, Peers, and Households step forward to host individual tournaments.

We are thrilled to announce that this year each of these tournaments will be sponsored by a separate House/Peer of our Kingdom and each are providing exceptional prizes.

Artisans: Throughout the years a number of artisans have approached us desiring to contribute prizes to the tournament(s) that inspired them. If you are inspired by a tournament and wish to contribute a prize please contact the hosting Peer/House. If you are uncertain of how to contact them, please contact Mistress Rozsa and she will put you in touch with them.

Armored Fighters: Look at the list of tournaments. Get authorized. Get ready.

Marshals: These will be run Atlantian Speed Tournament style (subject to change as needed). Your assistance will be appreciated for the tournaments you are not authorized to participate in.

MoLs: Signorina Niccolina has taken on the duty of signing in fighters that are not previously registered. Please feel free to pull up a seat to assist her throughout the day.

Waterbearers: You are Heaven on Earth.



9:30 am -  MOL opensSignorina Niccolina the Wanderer

10:00 a.m. - Two Sword Tournament - House Askoldssonn 

                         Participants: Authorized Dual Weapon Armored Fighters

10:30 am - Pole Arm Tournament- The Company of St. Augustine

                      Participants: Authorized Pole Arm Armored Fighters

11:00 a.m. - Great Sword Tournament - Sir Hróðgeirr Hrafnsson

                      Participants: Authorized Great Sword Armored Fighters

Prize: Prize by Sir Hróðgeirr Hrafnsson








11:30 a.m. - Spear Tournament - Krak House

                       Participants: Authorized Spear Armored Fighters













1 p.m. - Novice Tournament - Sir Connal mac Aodha mhic Réamoinn 

               Participants: Authorized armored fighters who are 2 years or less from first armored combat authorization 


Prize: knock down wood bench to help improve field presence or provide seating around a bardic circle by Sir Connal and Lady Rin

2 p.m. - Black Belt Tournament - House Tavernier

                Participants:  Authorized armored fighter who is neither a Knight nor a Squire

Prize:      Drinking vessel and scroll







3 p.m. - Red Belt Tournament - House Bessenyei

                Participants:  Authorized armored fighter who is a squire to a Member of the Order of Chivalry at the time of the tournament


Prize: 3-D Scroll by Hersiskona Bubba Blackhammer 























4 p.m. - Iron Rose Tournament - Yorkshire Manor

                Participants: Female Authorized Armored Fighters


Prize: Garters by Lady Ellisif Gydasdottir











Prize: Keepsake box by Sir Hrothgar Ravensson


5 p.m. - White Belt Tournament - Hotel de Byram

                Participants:  Members of the Order of the Chivalry


Prize:  White card woven belt  by  Lady Helga Vilhjalmskona 

            Knight's chain by Bangarang Studios

            Spurs by: Raymonds Quiet Press;   Buckles by Thor's Hammer


9 p.m. - Torchlight Tournament - House Golden Thistle

                Participants:  All authorized armored fighters

                Tournament Format: German Barrier Fight


Prize: Viking chest by Lord Vilhjalmr Viga Galti, painting by Lady Helga Vilhjalmskona 

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